By: Kalia Kliban (2011)
Music: Playford Dancing Master (1701)
Formation: Longways duple proper

A1 1-4 Men dance cw around their partner  
  5-8 1s lead through 2s (below) and cast back  
A2 1-4 Ladies dance ccw around their partner  
  5-8 2s lead through 1s (above) and cast back  
B 1-2 1st corners balance (forward & back)  
  3-4 2nd corners balance (forward & back)  
  5-12 1s whole figure eight (down)  
  13-16 1s meet and two-hand turn down while 2s cast up  
Notes 1 Inspired by the original dance Blackheath in the 11th edn of Playford's Dancing Master (1701) and interpretations by Fried de Metz Herman (Choice Morsels, 1989) and Bert Simons (Kentish Hops, 1991). The As have been modified slightly, the B significantly and the dance has been converted from a triple minor/3 couple set into a duple minor.  

Tune is published in:

  • Barlow (Complete Country Dance Tunes from Playford's Dancing Master), 1985; No. 417, p. 93.
  • Barnes (English Country Dance Tunes, Vol 2), 2005.
  • Simons (Kentish Hops Collection); p. 4
  • Hermann (Choice Morsels), 1989; p. 6
  3 B 5-12 can be a double figure of eight if the 2s wish to join in  



© Kalia Kliban, 2011

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