Devil's Maggot

By: Diane Schmit, 1985
Music: Devil's Maggot (Jonathan Jensen, 1985)
Formation: Longways Duple Minor

A1 1-4 Up a double and back
  5-8 That again
B1 1-2 1st corners change
  3-4 2nd corners change
  5-8 Partner two-hand turn once and a half
B2 1-4 Circle left once around (end facing partner)
  5-8 Set and turn single
A2 1-4 Partners swirly siding left shoulder
  5-8 Partners swirly siding right shoulder
B3 1-8 As B1
B4 1-8 As B2
A3 1-4 Partners arm right
  5-8 Partners arm left
B5 1-8 As B1
B5 1-8 As B2
Notes 1 Tune is available in Barnes 2
  2 The tune and dance were both composed, and first danced, in 1985. However, neither were written down until 1990.


Devil's Maggot

© Diane Schmit, 1985

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