May HeyDays, 2022
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May HeyDays
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29 April – 2 May 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
We connect and support people in building and sustaining vibrant communities through participatory dance, music, and song traditions that have roots in English and North American culture.
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Our Phoenix House

We bought our house in North Phoenix, AZ at the end of March 2014 and moved in at the end of August. This was on schedule, but a month too soon as far as the outstanding work we needed to do was concerned. The house is in the Lookout Mountain neighborhood (slightly east of 7th and north of Cactus), adjacent to Moon Valley and right at the foot of Lookout Mountain. The property was bank-owned (foreclosure) and we did a lot of remodeling.

The following pictures are as we bought the property. Click on a picture for a larger version and slide show.


The re-modeling paid off. After a huge amount of our work, we sold it in September and moved out in October 2018. We were lucky to get the full asking price. The house sold to the first viewer, on the first day, just 2 hours after it went on the market.

Inside, we

  • removed all the existing floor materials (porcelain tile and carpet) and replaced them with travertine tile throughout
  • ripped out existing kitchen cabinets and hardware and replaced with new, replaced the range (with an induction hob and built-in oven), microwave, hood, sink
  • replaced the granite
  • removed the sunken fluorescent lights in the kitchen and replaced them with sunken LEDs
  • installed new pendant lighting over the kitchen island
  • removed the archway between the great room and the kitchen and removed all the soffit (relocating 2 HVAC trunks)
  • put sunken LEDs in the great room
  • removed the great room fireplace
  • removed the built-in cupboards and soffit in the dining room and turned it into a studio for Rhonda's teaching
  • moved a closet wall in bedroom 4 (the waiting room) making the closet much narrower but a little deeper
  • moved the fan from the office (bedroom 3) to the studio
  • removed the vanity from the master bathroom, removed the master bathroom shower (walls and pan) and replaced
  • replaced the master bathroom toilet
  • removed the great room and patio speaker systems
  • replaced laundry worktops with granite
  • installed a new fan in the office
  • created new dedicated electrical circuit into the office and internet connection
  • removed vanity and cast iron bath from guest bathroom
  • installed new soaking tub and wall showers in the guest bathroom
  • installed 2 new electrical circuits in both the master and guest bathrooms
  • installed 2 new electrical circuits in the kitchen.
  • painted the master bedroom, the master bathroom, the guest bedroom, both hallways, Rhonda's violin studio
  • tiled the kitchen backsplash

Outside, we

  • replaced the roof
  • removed 5 satellite dishes (one huge, about 8' in diameter)
  • refurbished the exterior lights
  • had the whole of the outside repainted
  • planted a new tree (ficus) in the rear yard
  • replaced both the front and back irrigation systems
  • replaced all the desert stone in the front yard
  • removed many of the existing plants and shrubs and replaced them with a new tree (mastic) and desert shrubs
  • repaired the leaking pool
  • installed a barbecue grill.
  • re-finished the front door

The following pictures of the property were taken by our realtor. Click on a picture for a larger version and slide show.

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