May HeyDays, 2022
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May HeyDays
May Heydays, UK
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May HeyDays, 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
We connect and support people in building and sustaining vibrant communities through participatory dance, music, and song traditions that have roots in English and North American culture.
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Dances I Have Written

I have published two books of dances which I have written. In due course they will be available for sale directly from this website. Currently they are available at $8 each from the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) Store. They are:

28 new English dances of diverse formations, including 7 mixers by Michael Barraclough 21 new Contras, 1 Triplet, 1 Circle Mixer, and 2 Mescolanzes by Michael Barraclough

Alltogether, I have written over 100 dances and these are listed below.

I have also 'reconstructed' many dances first published hundreds of years ago. These are listed at the bottom of this article.

DanceYearFormationContraCeilidhUSA ECDUK ClubONSFamilyPublished
2 MANY LIES 2012 improper x            
35 4 THE ROSENS 2006 becket x           RR
4 MORE YEARS 2012 becket x            
5 LEAF CLOVER 2012 circle mixer x     x x    
ABBEY, THE 2004 double sicillian x x    x     RR
ADDINGTON TUNNEL DANCE 1980 L4-6         x   CB
ALL THE EIGHTS 2008 becket x           RR
AMATEURS AND ACTORS 2012 L3     x x      
ANNANDALE EXCHANGE 2012 C3     x x x    
BEBBINGTON BELLE 1984 L4 improper   x x x     CB
BESIDE THE RIVERSIDE 2016 whole set becket       x x x  
BLUE KNICKERS 2000 circle mixer x x         CB
BOB 2008 improper x           RR
BOB'S BIRTHDAY 2009 circle mixer x x   x x   RR
BRIDGEGATE 2015 improper x     x      
CALIFORNIA TWIRLITZER, THE 2009 impropr x           RR
CATIE GETS AROUND 2011 becket     x x      
CATIE'S IN THE CLOVER 2011 becket     x x      
CATIE'S LINE DANCE 2011 becket     x x      
CATIE'S QUARTET 2011 two couple (becket)     x x      
CHAIN GANG ? sicilian becket     x x      
CHARLIE PILZER, or CHARLIE'S IN THE MIX 2012 sicillian circle (3s)   x          
CONTRA SONIC 2011 becket x            
COUNTRY BUMPKIN, THE 1990 L4-6   x x x x    
DES PLAINES REEL c2001 improper x           RR
DICK SQUIRE'S JIG 1982 proper   x   x     CB
DIRECTOR, THE 2010   improper     x x      
EZPZ 2010 improper x     x      
EZPZ2 2010 improper x     x      
FADED HOPES 2009  improper     x x      
FARNWORTH FLING 1998 siciliian circle       x     CB
FLIGHT TO FREEDOM  2011 scatter sicillian         x    
FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW 2016 improper x     x      
GATE TO THE GRAVEYARD IS ONE WAY ONLY, THE 2005 improper x           RR
GREEN STOCKINGS c1973 circle mixer   x x x x   CB
GYPSY AROUND 2003 improper x           RR
HAYSTACK ROUNDABOUT c1970 triple circle mixer         x   CB
HEDGEHOG HELPER 2013 improper x     x      
HUGGERS WALTZ  c1970 couple         x    
HUNTERS HOEDOWN c2010  longways whole set         x x  
HYPER-INFLATION REEL  c1970 improper       x      
INSTITUTE, THE 1983 sicillian becket mixer   x x x     CB
INSTITUTU 2012 sicillian circle improper mixer   x x x      
JIM'S SQUARE 2013 square (3s)     x x x    
JULIAN'S JOLLY 1970s longways whole set         x    
JUMP FOR JOY c1975 sicillian circle       x x   CB
JUNE APPLE 2013 improper x     x      
KENT SHORT DANCE 1980 L5-6   x   x x x CB
KEYMER CLOMP 1979 L4       x     CB
KNITTING DANCE, THE c1975 L5   x   x x   CB
LEESBURG ASSEMBLY TOO 2012 improper     x x      
LESSON, THE 2009 omproper x     x      
LIFE IS A BOWL OF PERRIES 2014 becket x            
LOOP THE LOOP 2013 improper x     x      
LOSING WEIGHT 2010 improper x     x     RR
LOVE SHACK, THE 2012 becket x            
MICHAEL LEFT HIS BRAIN IN BED 2003 improper x     x     RR
MICHAEL'S TRIPLET #1 2005 L3 x     x     RR
MOLL IN THE WAD 1970s proper   x x x      
MORTAL WOMBAT 2009 improper x           RR
NIGHTDRESS, THE 1998 L4         x   CB
NOT ANOTHER BALANCE 2012 becket x            
NOT GODFREY'S GALOP c1990 sicillian circle   x x x x   CB
OLD BRUN'S BARN DANCE 1981 circle mixer         x   CB
OVER THE TOP SQUARE c1982 square +1         x   CB
PAULA'S PIT STOP 2005 becket x     x     RR
PEEPING TOM THE NEW WAY c1970 L6   x   x x   CB
PETAL, THE 1983 sicillian circle     x x x   CB
PETRONELLA SWING #2 2013 becket x            
PLAZA REEL c1970 mescolanzes   x   x     CB
PORTSMOUTH REVIEW 1980s   L5   x   x x    
POTLUCK #2  c2005 improper  x      x      
PYEWACKETT GALOP c1980 sicillian circle   x     x x CB
RED ADMIRAL 1975 sicillian circle   x     x x CB
RED AND GREEN CHILLY 2014 improper x     x      
RHONDA'S ON THE RAZZLE 2004 improper x           RR
RHONDA'S RESOLUTION 2004 imporoper x   x x     CB, RR
RHONDA'S RETURNING 2007 becket x           RR
RHONDA'S RICHES 2008 improper x           RR
RHONDA'S ROMANCE 2000 improper x     x     RR
RICHARD'S WET NOODLE 2016 becket x     x      
ROW WELL YE MARINERS 1970s circle improper   x x x x    
RUGGETS ROUNDABOUT 1977 triple circle         x    
SELSDON PARK 1981 square   x   x x   CB
SHEILA'S ON THE FIDDLE 1996 sicillian circle     x x     CB
SMOOTH RIDE  2008 improper x            
STOLEN FROM ERIK 2005 improper x           RR
STUDIO PLUS 2003 improper x           RR
SUMMER OF 96.5  c2005 becket x            
SUMMER STORM 2006  improper x            
SWINGING FOR IT 2013 L4 + 1   x     x    
SYLVIA'S SAUNTER c1980 circle mixer improper   x     x   CB
TRIP TO FLORENCE 2010 proper     x x      
TRIP TO SANTA BARBARA 2015 improper     x x      
URSA MAJOR  2011 proper     x x      
WAITING FOR THE VISA 2007 improper x     x     RR
WE DON'T HAVE NO SNOW SHOES HERE 2014 improper x     x      
WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT AT HALSWAY 2004 becket x     x      
WHITBY CHAINS 2004 mescolanzes x x         CB, RR
WHO'S IN THE CENTER 2013 sicillian circle (3s) x x   x      
ZAG ZIG WHIRL 2006 improper x           RR

Many of the dances we dance at English Country Dance Clubs (USA) or Folk Dance Clubs (UK) were originally published in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. What we do today are modern interpretations. In many cases, these interpretations differ, sometimes significantly, from how the dance might have been done originally. This is quite understandable - today's audience is very different from the original audience for whom the dance was written. What might have been very desirable then, eg doing nothing for a long time (except for having a chance to talk to one's partner unchaperoned), would be considered boring today. Sometimes, however, a 'correct' interpretation is required. Perhaps for a period ball. Perhaps in a play or a film where great attention has been payed to getting other historical details correct in the music, language, clothing, mannerisms, etc.

There are 100+ dances which were originally published in the seventeenth & eighteenth centuries which I have reconstructed as closely as I can to the way I believe that it was done when it was published. I am slowly publishing these on my website. Some of these have never been reconstructed by anyone and some are reconstructions where I disagree with what has been published elsewhere. The following is a list of the reconstructed dances published so far.

What You Please [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]Nonesuch [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]
Newcastle [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]New Bo Peep, or, Pickadilla [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]
Moll Peatley The New Way [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]Lilliburlero/Lilli Burlero [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]
Green Stockings [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]Excuse Me [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]
Cuckolds All Arow [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]Black Nagg [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]
Black Joak [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]Bishop, The [interpreted by Michael Barraclough]

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