May HeyDays, 2022
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Dancers at UK Heydays
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May HeyDays
May Heydays, UK
29 April – 2 May 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
May HeyDays, 2022
We connect and support people in building and sustaining vibrant communities through participatory dance, music, and song traditions that have roots in English and North American culture.
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Leesburg Assembly Dances Done (2008 - 2013 )

11/16/13Michael BarracloughRobinia
11/16/13Michael BarracloughDe'il Take The WarrLongways Duple
11/16/13Michael BarracloughHyde Park
11/16/13Michael BarracloughPool's Hole
11/16/13Michael BarracloughBarbarini's Tambourine
11/16/13Michael BarracloughMr Beveridge's Maggot (MAB)
11/16/13Michael BarracloughPetal (The)
11/16/13Michael BarracloughHalfe Hannikin
11/16/13Michael BarracloughBar A Bar
11/16/13Michael BarracloughRagg, The
11/16/13Michael BarracloughLog Cabin
11/16/13Michael BarracloughWaters of Holland
11/16/13Michael BarracloughChocolate Round O
11/16/13Michael BarracloughWell Hall
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyBlack Nag
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyHealth To All Honest Men (A)
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyHoneysuckle Cottage
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyKelsterne Gardens
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyMendocino Redwood
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
10/19/13Tom SpilsburySimone's Semicentury
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyWell Hall
10/19/13Tom SpilsburyWoodstock Park
09/21/13Michael BarracloughAnna Turns Five
09/21/13Michael BarracloughBarbarini's Tambourine
09/21/13Michael BarracloughCuckolds All Arow (MAB)
09/21/13Michael BarracloughGood Man Of Cambridge
09/21/13Michael BarracloughHelena
09/21/13Michael BarracloughJuniata
09/21/13Michael BarracloughMr Beveridge's Maggot (MAB)
09/21/13Michael BarracloughMr Handel's Gigue
09/21/13Michael BarracloughPortsmouth
09/21/13Michael BarracloughRagg, The
09/21/13Michael BarracloughSelsdon Park
09/21/13Michael BarracloughSweet Kate
08/17/13Michael BarracloughAni's Waltz
08/17/13Michael BarracloughChocolate Round O
08/17/13Michael BarracloughDe'il Take The WarrLongways Duple
08/17/13Michael BarracloughEpping Forest
08/17/13Michael BarracloughHenry's Other Hornpipe
08/17/13Michael BarracloughJackson's MaggotMichael Barraclough's interpretation of Jack's Maggot
08/17/13Michael BarracloughJuice of Barley
08/17/13Michael BarracloughJuniata
08/17/13Michael BarracloughLover's Knot (The)
08/17/13Michael BarracloughMadeira Dream
08/17/13Michael BarracloughMignonette
08/17/13Michael BarracloughPolka Dot Polka
08/17/13Michael BarracloughWaters of Holland
08/17/13Michael BarracloughWell Hall
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyAll Saints
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyAngels Unawares
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyBenjamin's Birthday
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyFaithless Nancy Dawson
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyFourpence Ha'penny Farthing
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyHole in the Wall
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyJoint Effort
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyKelsterne Gardens
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyLilli Burlero
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyPicking Up Sticks
07/20/13Tom SpilsburyPortsmouth
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyBlack Nag
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyCandles In The Dark
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyCorelli's Maggot
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyDuke Of Kent's Waltz
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyFentarlarick
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyHomecoming, The
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyLevi Jackson Rag
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyMrs Savage's Whim
06/15/13Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
05/25/13Bob FarrallBeach Spring
05/25/13Bob FarrallDe'il Take The Warr
05/25/13Bob FarrallEaster Morn
05/25/13Bob FarrallHalfe Hannikin
05/25/13Bob FarrallHeidenroslein
05/25/13Bob FarrallMinor Spaniard
05/25/13Bob FarrallMr Isaac's Maggot
05/25/13Bob FarrallMrs Savage's Whim
05/25/13Bob FarrallSaint Margaret's Hill
05/25/13Bob FarrallWakefield Hunt
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyAlice
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyApley House
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyFentarlarick
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyPool's Hole
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyPrince William
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
04/20/13Tom SpilsburySiege of Limerick
04/20/13Tom SpilsburySun Assembly
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyWaters of Holland
04/20/13Tom SpilsburyYoung Widow
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyApley House
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyAutumn In Amherst
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyImpertinence
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyMendocino Redwood
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyOld Wife Behind the Fire
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyPursuit, The
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyQueen's Jig
03/16/13Tom SpilsburySlaughter House
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyWaters of Holland
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyWell Hall
03/16/13Tom SpilsburyWinter Memories
02/16/13Michael BarracloughAutumn In Amherst
02/16/13Michael BarracloughBarbarini's Tambourine
02/16/13Michael BarracloughDuke Of Kent's Waltz
02/16/13Michael BarracloughFandango
02/16/13Michael BarracloughFlowers Of Chirk
02/16/13Michael BarracloughJuice of Barley
02/16/13Michael BarracloughKill Him With Kindness
02/16/13Michael BarracloughLeather Lake House
02/16/13Michael BarracloughNick's Maggot
02/16/13Michael BarracloughPreston Almaine
02/16/13Michael BarracloughRakes Of Rochester
02/16/13Michael BarracloughSadlers Wells
02/16/13Michael BarracloughTrue Kit
01/19/13Michael BarracloughBarbarini's Tambourine
01/19/13Michael BarracloughChocolate Round O
01/19/13Michael BarracloughGeud Man of Ballangigh
01/19/13Michael BarracloughHyde Park
01/19/13Michael BarracloughLeesburg Assembly Too
01/19/13Michael BarracloughMadeira Dream
01/19/13Michael BarracloughMr Beveridge's Maggot (MAB)
01/19/13Michael BarracloughPhysical Snob
01/19/13Michael BarracloughRakes Of Rochester
01/19/13Michael BarracloughScotch Cap (MAB)
01/19/13Michael BarracloughTo Dance Divine
01/19/13Michael BarracloughTurning by Threes
01/19/13Michael BarracloughWatkin's Ale
01/19/13Michael BarracloughWooden Shoes
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyBeach Spring
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyCandles In The Dark
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyDrummer, The
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyEarly Frost, An
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyEaster Morn
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyFentarlarick
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyMendocino Redwood
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyPool's Hole
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyQueen's Jig
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyScotch Cap
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyWaters of Holland
12/15/12Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyAlice
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyApley House
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyFentarlarick
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyGoose And Gridiron
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyJoint Effort
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyMiss de Jersey's Memorial
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyNonesuch
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyPrince William
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyPursuit, The
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
11/17/12Tom SpilsburyWhiskey Before Dinner
10/20/12Susan TaylorAlice
10/20/12Susan TaylorBarbarini's Tambourine
10/20/12Susan TaylorBonny Cuckoo
10/20/12Susan TaylorFentarlarick
10/20/12Susan TaylorJuniata
10/20/12Susan TaylorMatelotte, La
10/20/12Susan TaylorMiles Of Smiles
10/20/12Susan TaylorMistwold
10/20/12Susan TaylorSellenger's Round
10/20/12Susan TaylorWell Hall
10/20/12Susan TaylorWhen Laura Smiles
10/20/12Susan TaylorWinter Memories
10/20/12Susan TaylorYoung Widow
09/15/12Susan TaylorChildgrove
09/15/12Susan TaylorGene's Tambourine
09/15/12Susan TaylorIndian Queen
09/15/12Susan TaylorJaque Latin
09/15/12Susan TaylorKnole Park
09/15/12Susan TaylorNewfound Home
09/15/12Susan TaylorOre Boggy
09/15/12Susan TaylorPeace Be With You
09/15/12Susan TaylorSoftly Good Tummas
09/15/12Susan TaylorSpanish Jigg
09/15/12Susan TaylorTurning by Threes
09/15/12Susan TaylorZephyrs & Flora
08/18/12Michael BarracloughBar A Bar
08/18/12Michael BarracloughChocolate Round O
08/18/12Michael BarracloughCountry Bumpkin
08/18/12Michael BarracloughDe'il Take The Warr (MAB)
08/18/12Michael BarracloughFandango
08/18/12Michael BarracloughLeesburg Assembly Too
08/18/12Michael BarracloughMargaret's Waltz
08/18/12Michael BarracloughMendocino Redwood
08/18/12Michael BarracloughPhysical Snob
08/18/12Michael BarracloughPurple Nag
08/18/12Michael BarracloughRufty Tufty
08/18/12Michael BarracloughWooden Shoes
08/18/12Michael BarracloughZig Zag
07/21/12Michael BarracloughBarbarini's Tambourine
07/21/12Michael BarracloughChocolate Round O
07/21/12Michael BarracloughElverton Grove
07/21/12Michael BarracloughHandel With Care
07/21/12Michael BarracloughHelena
07/21/12Michael BarracloughHyde Park
07/21/12Michael BarracloughJuice of Barley
07/21/12Michael BarracloughKill Him With Kindness
07/21/12Michael BarracloughMadeira Dream
07/21/12Michael BarracloughMoonraker
07/21/12Michael BarracloughRagg, The
07/21/12Michael BarracloughRed House
07/21/12Michael BarracloughScotch Cap (MAB)
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyChristina
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyCollier's Daughter
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyDublin Bay
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyElverton Grove
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyFandango
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyFoxfire
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyHalfe Hannikin
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyHit And Miss
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyJovial Beggars
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyLevi Jackson Rag
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyMendocino Redwood
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyPursuit, The
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyRafe's Waltz
06/16/12Tom SpilsburySally in Our Alley
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyTrue Kit
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyWaters of Holland
06/16/12Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzBenjamin's Birthday
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzChristina
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzDublin Bay
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzFourpence Ha'penny Farthing
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzHelena
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzKnole Park
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzRagg, The
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzSally in Our Alley
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzSiege of Limerick
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzTrip To Tunbridge
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzUp With Aily
05/26/12Liz Donaldson, Ann Fallon & Laura SchultzWaters of Holland
04/21/12Michael BarracloughElizabeth
04/21/12Michael BarracloughGigue For Genny
04/21/12Michael BarracloughMadeira Dream
04/21/12Michael BarracloughMichael And All Angels
04/21/12Michael BarracloughO Susato
04/21/12Michael BarracloughRagg, The
04/21/12Michael BarracloughRed House
04/21/12Michael BarracloughRound About Our Coal Fire
04/21/12Michael BarracloughSun Assembly
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyAlice
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyCandles In The Dark
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyDover Pier
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyFandango
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyLucky Sevens
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyOre Boggy
03/17/12Tom SpilsburySerenity
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
03/17/12Tom SpilsburyZig Zag
02/18/12Bob FarrallApley House
02/18/12Bob FarrallCollier's Daughter
02/18/12Bob FarrallDrapers Maggot
02/18/12Bob FarrallGreensleeves and Yellow Lace
02/18/12Bob FarrallHalfe Hannikin
02/18/12Bob FarrallKey to the Cellar
02/18/12Bob FarrallMiss de Jersey's Memorial
02/18/12Bob FarrallPortsmouth
02/18/12Bob FarrallTrip to Paris
02/18/12Bob FarrallUp With Aily
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyBraes of Dornoch
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyChristina
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyFaithless Nancy Dawson
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyFourpence Ha'penny Farthing
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyFoxfire
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyHambleton's Round O
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
01/21/12Tom SpilsburyLady William's Delight
01/21/12Tom SpilsburySerenity
01/21/12Tom SpilsburySun Assembly
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyBlack Nag
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyCandles In The Dark
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyCorelli's Maggot
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyElizabeth
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyMinor Spaniard
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyOld Wife Behind the Fire
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyPeace Be With You
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyPortsmouth
12/17/11Tom SpilsburySlaughter House
12/17/11Tom SpilsburyWibsey Roundabout
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyCottonwood
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyFentarlarick
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyPrince Of Westborough
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyScotch Cap
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyStepping Stones
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyWell Done Jack
11/19/11Tom SpilsburyWell Hall
10/15/11Corky PalmerBarbarini's Tambourine
10/15/11Corky PalmerBonny Cuckoo
10/15/11Corky PalmerBraes of Dornoch
10/15/11Corky PalmerChildgrove
10/15/11Corky PalmerCockle Shells
10/15/11Corky PalmerDublin Bay
10/15/11Corky PalmerEaster Thursday
10/15/11Corky PalmerGeud Man of Ballangigh
10/15/11Corky PalmerJaque Latin
10/15/11Corky PalmerRagg, The
10/15/11Corky PalmerSun Assembly
10/15/11Corky PalmerWell Hall
09/17/11Corky PalmerAdieu, The
09/17/11Corky PalmerApley House
09/17/11Corky PalmerBare Necessities
09/17/11Corky PalmerBarham Down
09/17/11Corky PalmerBonny Cuckoo
09/17/11Corky PalmerChildgrove
09/17/11Corky PalmerChristchurch Bells
09/17/11Corky PalmerDublin Bay
09/17/11Corky PalmerFair Quaker of Deal
09/17/11Corky PalmerMichael And All Angels
09/17/11Corky PalmerMidnight Ramble
09/17/11Corky PalmerPunchbowl, The
08/13/11Bob FarrallCorelli's Maggot
08/13/11Bob FarrallFaithless Nancy Dawson
08/13/11Bob FarrallHalfe Hannikin
08/13/11Bob FarrallHandel With Care
08/13/11Bob FarrallHole In The Wall
08/13/11Bob FarrallImpropriety
08/13/11Bob FarrallKey to the Cellar
08/13/11Bob FarrallMrs Savage's Whim
08/13/11Bob FarrallPortsmouth
08/13/11Bob FarrallQueen's Jig
08/13/11Bob FarrallRufty Tufty
08/13/11Bob FarrallStepping Stones
08/13/11Bob FarrallSun Assembly
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyBraes of Dornoch
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyHoneysuckle Cottage
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyOld Wife Behind the Fire
07/09/11Tom SpilsburySally in Our Alley
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyStony Point
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyUp With Aily
07/09/11Tom SpilsburyWaters of Holland
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyChildgrove
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyCockle Shells
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyEaster Morn
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyEaster Thursday
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyGeud Man of Ballangigh
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyJaque Latin
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyKey to the Cellar
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyMinor Spaniard
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyPhysical Snob
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyScotch Cap
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyWell Hall
06/18/11Tom SpilsburyYoung Widow
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyChildgrove
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyEaster Morn
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyGeud Man of Ballangigh
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyJaque Latin
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyKey to the Cellar
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyMinor Spaniard
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
06/11/11Tom SpilsburyScotch Cap
06/11/11Tom SpilsburySun Assembly
05/21/11Corky PalmerBarbarini's Tambourine
05/21/11Corky PalmerBonny Cuckoo
05/21/11Corky PalmerBraes of Dornoch
05/21/11Corky PalmerChildgrove
05/21/11Corky PalmerCockle Shells
05/21/11Corky PalmerDublin Bay
05/21/11Corky PalmerEaster Thursday
05/21/11Corky PalmerGeud Man of Ballangigh
05/21/11Corky PalmerJaque Latin
05/21/11Corky PalmerRagg, The
05/21/11Corky PalmerSun Assembly
05/21/11Corky PalmerWell Hall
04/09/11Michael BarracloughAni's Waltz
04/09/11Michael BarracloughBarbarini's Tambourine
04/09/11Michael BarracloughBeach Spring
04/09/11Michael BarracloughChocolate Round O
04/09/11Michael BarracloughDunham Oaks
04/09/11Michael BarracloughGeud Man of Ballangigh
04/09/11Michael BarracloughMulberry Garden
04/09/11Michael BarracloughRobinia
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyBeach Spring
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyBonny Grey-Ey'd Morn
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyDunham Oaks
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyKnole Park
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyPhysical Snob
03/12/11Tom SpilsburyPortsmouth
03/12/11Tom SpilsburySlaughter House
03/12/11Tom SpilsburySun Assembly
02/12/11Corky PalmerBonny Grey-Ey'd Morn
02/12/11Corky PalmerCockle Shells
02/12/11Corky PalmerDrapers Gardens
02/12/11Corky PalmerFair Quaker of Deal
02/12/11Corky PalmerKingsail
02/12/11Corky PalmerLeather Lake House
02/12/11Corky PalmerMidnight Ramble
02/12/11Corky PalmerOld Wife Behind the Fire
02/12/11Corky PalmerRed House
02/12/11Corky PalmerSun Assembly
02/12/11Corky PalmerValentine’s Day
01/22/11Bob FarrallApley House
01/22/11Bob FarrallChocolate Round O
01/22/11Bob FarrallEaster Morn
01/22/11Bob FarrallGreensleeves and Yellow Lace
01/22/11Bob FarrallHole In The Wall
01/22/11Bob FarrallJack's Health
01/22/11Bob FarrallKey to the Cellar
01/22/11Bob FarrallLevi Jackson Rag
01/22/11Bob FarrallMrs Savage's Whim
01/22/11Bob FarrallNever Love Thee More
01/22/11Bob FarrallPortsmouth
01/22/11Bob FarrallWood Duck
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyAlice
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyCollier's Daughter
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyDrummer, The
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyHit And Miss
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyMargate Hoy
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyPool's Hole
12/18/10Tom SpilsburySiege of Limerick
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyTythe Pig
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyWaters of Holland
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyWell Hall
12/18/10Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
11/20/10Bob FarrallChildgrove
11/20/10Bob FarrallCorelli's Maggot
11/20/10Bob FarrallDressed Ship, The
11/20/10Bob FarrallGreensleeves and Yellow Lace
11/20/10Bob FarrallHalfe Hannikin
11/20/10Bob FarrallImpropriety
11/20/10Bob FarrallKey to the Cellar
11/20/10Bob FarrallSt. Margaret's Hill
11/20/10Bob FarrallStepping Stones
11/20/10Bob FarrallSun Assembly
11/20/10Bob FarrallWaters of Holland
11/20/10Bob FarrallWell Hall
10/16/10Susan TaylorDrapers Gardens
10/16/10Susan TaylorGeud Man of Ballangigh
10/16/10Susan TaylorHot Toddy
10/16/10Susan TaylorJack's Maggot
10/16/10Susan TaylorKey to the Cellar
10/16/10Susan TaylorMistwold
10/16/10Susan TaylorMount Hills
10/16/10Susan TaylorMr Legge's Initiation
10/16/10Susan TaylorRagg, The
10/16/10Susan TaylorSaint Margaret's Hill
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyBlack Nag
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyCorelli's Maggot
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyGypsy Round
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyIrish Washerwoman
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyJaque Latin
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyLeah's Waltz
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyLilli Burlero
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyLove and a Bottle
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyMad Robin
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyMistwold
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyTrip to Killburn, A
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyUp With Aily
08/28/10Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyBlack Nag
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyCorelli's Maggot
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyIrish Washerwoman
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyJaque Latin
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyLilli Burlero
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyLove and a Bottle
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyTrip to Killburn, A
08/21/10Tom SpilsburyUp With Aily
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyBonny Grey-Ey'd Morn
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyDunham Oaks
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyGypsy Round
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyJaque Latin
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyLove and a Bottle
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyMinor Spaniard
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyMr Isaac's Maggot
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyTrip to Kilburn
07/17/10Tom SpilsburyUp With Aily
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyFine Companion
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyGypsy Round
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyIrish Lamentations
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyIrish Washerwoman
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyKneeland Romp
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyLilli Burlero
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyMad Robin
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyTrip To Tunbridge
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyUp With Aily
06/19/10Tom SpilsburyWell Done Jack
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyDetour, The
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyDrummer, The
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyFourpence Ha'penny Farthing
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyHeading for Zero
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyKelsterne Gardens
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyPortsmouth
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyPunchbowl, The
05/15/10Tom SpilsburySally in Our Alley
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyScotch Cap
05/15/10Tom SpilsburySiege of Limerick
05/15/10Tom SpilsburyWell Done Jack
04/24/10Susan TaylorAlice
04/24/10Susan TaylorColumbus Anniversary
04/24/10Susan TaylorDevil's Maggot
04/24/10Susan TaylorDick's Alternate Maggot
04/24/10Susan TaylorKnole Park
04/24/10Susan TaylorMistwold
04/24/10Susan TaylorOre Boggy
04/24/10Susan TaylorSmithy Hill
04/24/10Susan TaylorTurning by Threes
04/24/10Susan TaylorZephyrs & Flora
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyAll Saints
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyBarbarini's Tambourine
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyEaster Morn
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyMargate Hoy
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyOld Wife Behind the Fire
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyOnce a Night
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyPunchbowl, The
03/20/10Tom SpilsburySiege of Limerick
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyWakefield Hunt
03/20/10Tom SpilsburyWinter Memories
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyAll Saints
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyComical Fellow, The
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyHaymakers
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyIntroduction, The
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyJovial Beggars
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyLeah's Waltz
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyLevi Jackson Rag
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyNorthdown Waltz
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyPeace Be With You
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyPursuit, The
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyTake a Dance
02/20/10Tom SpilsburyWell Done Jack
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonChildgrove
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonChristina
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonHaymakers
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonHomecoming, The
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonJenny, Come Tie My Cravat
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonOnce a Night
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonPool's Hole
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonPursuit, The
01/23/10Liz DonaldsonWhen Laura Smiles
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyBare Necessities
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyCollier's Daughter
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyFentarlarick
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyIrish Washerwoman
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyMinor Spaniard
11/21/09Tom SpilsburySiege of Limerick
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyTythe Pig
11/21/09Tom SpilsburyWinter Memories
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyCockle Shells
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyEaster Thursday
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyElverton Grove
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyHelena
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyHuntington's Maggot
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyKey to the Cellar
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyMiss de Jersey's Memorial
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyQueen's Jig
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyRagg, The
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyWakefield Hunt
10/24/09Tom SpilsburyWinter Solstice
09/19/09Susan TaylorChildgrove
09/19/09Susan TaylorCockle Shells
09/19/09Susan TaylorDrapers Gardens
09/19/09Susan TaylorEmperor of the Moon
09/19/09Susan TaylorIndian Queen
09/19/09Susan TaylorKey to the Cellar
09/19/09Susan TaylorKnole Park
09/19/09Susan TaylorPeace Be With You
09/19/09Susan TaylorRagg, The
09/19/09Susan TaylorWell Hall
08/08/09Bob FarrallDargason
08/08/09Bob FarrallFaithless Nancy Dawson
08/08/09Bob FarrallGreensleeves and Yellow Lace
08/08/09Bob FarrallHalfe Hannikin
08/08/09Bob FarrallHole In The Wall
08/08/09Bob FarrallJenny Pluck Pears
08/08/09Bob FarrallMr Isaac's Maggot
08/08/09Bob FarrallNever Love Thee More
08/08/09Bob FarrallRoom for Ramblers
08/08/09Bob FarrallTrip to Paris
08/08/09Bob FarrallWaters of Holland
08/08/09Bob FarrallWinter Solstice
07/18/09Michael BarracloughAlice
07/18/09Michael BarracloughCastigated Neighbour
07/18/09Michael BarracloughFair and Softly
07/18/09Michael BarracloughFamiliar Quotations
07/18/09Michael BarracloughFandango
07/18/09Michael BarracloughGeud Man of Ballangigh
07/18/09Michael BarracloughIndian Queen
07/18/09Michael BarracloughJuice of Barley
07/18/09Michael BarracloughRouge et Toute Rouge
07/18/09Michael BarracloughRow Well Ye Mariners
07/18/09Michael BarracloughTrip To Richmond
07/18/09Michael BarracloughWaters of Holland
06/20/09Bob FarrallChildgrove
06/20/09Bob FarrallCorelli's Maggot
06/20/09Bob FarrallGeud Man of Ballangigh
06/20/09Bob FarrallHalfe Hannikin
06/20/09Bob FarrallHeidenroslein
06/20/09Bob FarrallPetit Jean
06/20/09Bob FarrallSun Assembly
06/20/09Bob FarrallWakefield Hunt
06/20/09Bob FarrallWaters of Holland
06/20/09Bob FarrallWood Duck
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyAlterations
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyCockle Shells
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyComical Fellow, The
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyDuke Of Kent's Waltz
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyHoneysuckle Cottage
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyMr. Beveridge's Maggot
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyMrs Savage's Whim
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyScotch Morris
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyShrewsbury Lasses
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyUpon a Summer's Day
06/13/09Tom SpilsburyYoung Widow
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyAlterations
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyCockle Shells
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyComical Fellow, The
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyHoneysuckle Cottage
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyMr. Beveridge's Maggot
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyMrs Savage's Whim
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyScotch Morris
05/09/09Tom SpilsburyShrewsbury Lasses
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyAlterations
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyFandango
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyHoneysuckle Cottage
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyLeesburg Assembly, The
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyMr. Beveridge's Maggot
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyMrs Savage's Whim
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyPicking Up Sticks
04/18/09Tom SpilsburyYoung Widow
03/21/09Susan TaylorBishop, The
03/21/09Susan TaylorBonny Cuckoo
03/21/09Susan TaylorCockle Shells
03/21/09Susan TaylorComical Fellow, The
03/21/09Susan TaylorDuke Of Kent's Waltz
03/21/09Susan TaylorJack's Maggot
03/21/09Susan TaylorJuice of Barley
03/21/09Susan TaylorLeesburg Assembly, The
03/21/09Susan TaylorScotch Morris
03/21/09Susan TaylorUpon a Summer's Day
03/21/09Susan TaylorWell Hall
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyAlterations
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyCockle Shells
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyFandango
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyHoneysuckle Cottage
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyMr. Beveridge's Maggot
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyScotch Morris
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyShrewsbury Lasses
02/21/09Tom SpilsburyYoung Widow
12/13/08Michael BarracloughAlice
12/13/08Michael BarracloughBranle d'Official
12/13/08Michael BarracloughChristmas Revels
12/13/08Michael BarracloughFamiliar Quotations
12/13/08Michael BarracloughGladys Gallop
12/13/08Michael BarracloughJuice of Barley
12/13/08Michael BarracloughMatelotte, La
12/13/08Michael BarracloughPhysical Snob
12/13/08Michael BarracloughRufty Tufty
12/13/08Michael BarracloughShrewsbury Lasses
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyAlice
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyBishop, The
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyBonny Cuckoo
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyBraes of Dornoch
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyCorelli's Maggot
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyHeidenroslein
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyKnole Park
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyPortsmouth
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyTake a Dance
11/08/08Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
10/18/08Susan TaylorBusy Body
10/18/08Susan TaylorCockle Shells
10/18/08Susan TaylorFaithless Nancy Dawson
10/18/08Susan TaylorHaste to the Wedding
10/18/08Susan TaylorKnives and Forks
10/18/08Susan TaylorKnole Park
10/18/08Susan TaylorOre Boggy
10/18/08Susan TaylorRagg, The
10/18/08Susan TaylorWell Hall
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyDover Pier
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyDrapers Gardens
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyDuke Of Kent's Waltz
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyHeartsease
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyHole In The Wall
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyIndian Queen
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyIrish Lamentations
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyLeah's Waltz
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyMatelotte, La
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
09/27/08Tom SpilsburyZephyrs & Flora
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyDover Pier
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyDrapers Gardens
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyHeartsease
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyHole In The Wall
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyIndian Queen
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyIrish Lamentations
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyJack's Maggot
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyMatelotte, La
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyYellow Stockings
09/13/08Tom SpilsburyZephyrs & Flora
08/16/08Michael BarracloughDuke Of Kent's Waltz
08/16/08Michael BarracloughGeud Man of Ballangigh
08/16/08Michael BarracloughGreen Stockings
08/16/08Michael BarracloughHit And Miss
08/16/08Michael BarracloughIndian Queen
08/16/08Michael BarracloughJuice of Barley
08/16/08Michael BarracloughKnole Park
08/16/08Michael BarracloughRouge et Toute Rouge
08/16/08Michael BarracloughYellow Stockings
08/16/08Michael BarracloughZephyrs & Flora
07/19/08Corky PalmerDover Pier
07/19/08Corky PalmerDrapers Gardens
07/19/08Corky PalmerDuke Of Kent's Waltz
07/19/08Corky PalmerFourpence Ha'penny Farthing
07/19/08Corky PalmerGeud Man of Ballangigh
07/19/08Corky PalmerHeartsease
07/19/08Corky PalmerHole In The Wall
07/19/08Corky PalmerIndian Queen
07/19/08Corky PalmerIrish Lamentations
07/19/08Corky PalmerJuice of Barley
07/19/08Corky PalmerKnole Park
07/19/08Corky PalmerMatelotte, La
07/19/08Corky PalmerSun Assembly
07/19/08Corky PalmerYellow Stockings
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyDover Pier
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyDrapers Gardens
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyHole In The Wall
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyIrish Lamentations
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyJuice of Barley
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyLeah's Waltz
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyMad Robin
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyMatelotte, La
06/28/08Tom SpilsburyMulberry Garden


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